8 pm reading by Karl Larsson, 9 pm reading by Clare Molloy,
monster drinks by Paul Spengemann, outdoor music by Mense Reents

Pfeil Magazine 9 | Error

With contributions by Mitchell Anderson, Christiane Blattmann, Adam Christensen, Tyler Coburn, Hans-Christian Dany, Michael Dean, Gina Fischli, Flaka Haliti, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Lina Hermsdorf, Judith Hopf, Karl Larsson, Clare Molloy, Susan Morgan and Thomas Lawson, Mense Reents, Stacy Skolnik, Paul Spengemann, Ramaya Tegegne.

The meaning of the word ‘error’, in its origin, is neutral. In Latin, ‘errare’ means both ‘to wander freely’ and ‘to wander from the right path’. After the seventeenth century, however, the word ‘error’ lost its ambiguity within English usage and became clearly understood as wrong-doing, as defect, as a way of missing a desired effect. The ninth issue of Pfeil Magazine focuses on the potential of erroneous processes to redefine the meaning of malfunction, and takes a look at aimless or non-productive movements. Through this reflection, ‘error’ is once again introduced as the possibility of wandering freely.

Edited by Anja Dietmann and Nadine Droste, graphic design by Max Prediger with Julian Mader, published by Montez Press.